Maureen Visscher Christian Song Writer

Is a Celtic Christian who loves life and believes that every day should be valued and lived to the fullest. After a career in social services, she thoroughly enjoys writing Christian ballads. She love the Lord with all her heart and soul and look to him for inspiration in addressing many different 'causes' in society.
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Maureen Visscher Christian Song Writer
Maureen loves and enjoys writing christian song ballads. The Holy Spirit and her son Jordan and her husband Rudy are great inspirations for her. Her passion for songwriting started late in life.
Remarried in 2005, she enjoyed a honeymoon in southern Ireland, where her ancestral roots came from. Her husband Rudy and she experienced the musical, 'Riverdance', in Dublin and discovered that her celtic creativity came alive at that point. When they returned she had the urge to begin writing. Before preparing for a new song, she prayed for direction and inspiration......after all, she says it's not about her , it's all about Him. It is her fondest wish that these ballads bring comfort to those in need'

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